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mint magic is a full examination of your practice giving you a clear plan for all you need to attract a steady stream of high-value patients.

A visit to your practice will enable us to evaluate your brand and marketing health before providing you with our expert view and professional recommendations on how to set and achieve your goals.

The audit in brief is as follows:

  • We’ll come to you and review your brand intentions, practice plans, marketing ideas and systems
  • We’ll discuss your challenges, your strengths and your key objectives
  • We’ll then recommend, find opportunities and create a bespoke 12 month plan to help you achieve your goals

With a clear cost and clear outputs, our experience has proven that this investment will be returned many times over. You will have an expert view, and professional recommendations before you move forward. We’ll leave you with a clear blueprint of powerful materials and systems you need to create to attract a steady stream of high value patients. It will also give you the opportunity to meet us, and make sure that we are the right partners for you.

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