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how healthy is your brand? how switched on to marketing are you? our mint tease will see if you’ve got the mint brand factor.

A fun test with a serious message, answer our 10 simple questions and see how your practice measures up. See if you can achieve our ultimate, mint tastic 5 mint rating!.


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Get your rating and book a mint natter to find out how you can take your branding and marketing to the next level and attract a steady stream of high value patients to your practice.

Along with your rating, we are giving away our mint guide to Essential Steps for Branding and Marketing – free to our first 100 mint teasers (RRP £6.99)

mint magic – our one-day full examination of your practice giving you a clear plan for all you need to attract a steady stream of high-value patients. Click here for more details or fill out our mint natter form.

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