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1: How do you know if your logo identity and practice name is right for your brand?

A We had a clear vision and created an identity that truly reflects what we stand for
B We instructed a professional designer with our ideas who then created the perfect logo
C We designed it and our dental team, friends and family all agree it works
D It matches the colour of our dental chair, furnishings and website etc and patients always comment
E Marketers and designers carried out research, and sought feedback from our best patients

2: How much of your brand is evident and clear at your practice?

A Very clear outside my practice
B Very apparent in the waiting lounge area and includes a TV presentation
C In every room including outside my practice
D Our toilet paper is the same colour as my logo
E Clear and elegant signage, at reception and in the waiting lounge

3: How active is your website?

A My website does what it needs to do
B It's an amazing website with all the necessary interactivity and google advert campaigns
C Most of our new patients enquire through our website
D It's inviting, can be accessed easily and engages with new and existing patients continuously
E My website is cool and attracts a lot of traffic

4: How does your Welcome Pack work for your patients?

A Patients tend to read it and then pass it to their family and friends
B It's a beautiful presentation and we have lots of comments. Patients love it and keep hold of it
C We have a quality presentation with extra information to add if necessary
D My Welcome Pack is non existent as we have an excellent website
E We have very informative leaflets for each service or treatment to hand out

5: How often do you advertise your brand?

A We are in the Yellow Pages, have a 24/7 website and send information in our appointment reminders
B We plan ahead and ensure our advertising campaigns are regular throughout the year
C With limited funds we advertise as much as we can
D Whenever
E Everyday

6: How many alliances are working for you?

A Our patients usually refer us
B We have a great local gym, hairdresser and similar organisations we work together with
C Our friends, or family businesses do
D Different local business and patients work together with us
E I joined a networking club to ensure they encourage friends to join us

7: How do you set up your marketing and design plans for your practice?

A We set clear objectives every year, with a detailed marketing plan and allocated budget
B We don't really have a plan, we wait to see what opportunities come along
C We have 2 or 3 campaigns which we rotate every 6 months
D We introduce new marketing ideas when we realise we have gaps in our appointment book
E One of our Nurses is in charge of marketing, though sometimes she gets a bit stuck with what to do

8: How do you communicate with your patients to know they are happy with your service ?

A We talk to all our patients when they visit us
B We have a monthly newsletter and share offers and news from the practice
C We have a loyalty programme, and send a thank you to our patients for any introductions they make.
D Every month we pick five patients to ask what they think.
E We ask our patients for feedback after every appointment to which we respond, make appropriate changes and publish this in our newsletter

9: How do you compare yourself against your competitors?

A We checked their websites before we launched ours
B Once a quarter we check their websites, their offers, and do a mystery call to see how they handle our queries
C We do a full review of the competition to make sure we target a completely different part of the market
D We don't really see that we have any competitors
E We check all the local papers regularly and keep copies of all adverts to make sure ours stand out

10: How do you view your budget for brand and marketing?

A It is a cost which we can't really afford
B We make some basic plans to try and ensure marketing will deliver a good return
C We wait until a good advertising offer comes along and try and get the best rate we can
D Once we have set up our new brand and website, we invest a minimum of 5% of our annual turnover in brand and marketing
E When we have a particularly good month, we allocate some of the profits in marketing

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