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Testimonial by Forouzan of Danson Park Dental Practice

What were your main reasons for booking the audit day?

I always thought without a plan embarking on a marketing exercise will be useless, I wanted to approach it just as I approach a complicated and complex dental treatment for a patient however none of the companies I approached could offer this to me. The majority were only interested in just designing some cards/ and patient referral packs without taking into account what really our practice needs. Alex and Kate were the only people offering the plan from beginning and when they suggested the audit day and marketing plan I knew they are the right people for my practice.

How could you describe and possibly quantify the value of the audit day, and budget recommendation?

The audit day initially appears to be expensive but it pays for itself. You have one full day with Alex and Kate and they review your marketing strategies and website they identify your needs and their priorities and give you a clear plan and transparent cost breakdown.

Without recognizing what your practice needs or what might work for you in the area which you are you will not get the full benefit of kate and Alexís expert advise.

Furthermore the conference calls that you have with Alex and kate are priceless. I strongly recommend that if you want to chose Mint for your marketing this is the way to go.Because of the audit day and the conference calls we streamlined the whole marketing campaign and made it more effective.

Ongoing work since the audit day

Everything is working so well for me. There are some areas which require improving but we know that as we can clearly measure things/ review/ discuss and then make a new plan of action just as you do your dentistry, and thatís the beauty of it.

I trust Kate and Alex completely, they listen to what you want, what challenges you are facing in running your business and then they make a plan to suit you not to mention tons and tons of support and advice.

The emails and conference calls have been very easy to deal with and are so valuable. Without the plan, support and constant discussion I canít see how you can make a marketing strategy work.

My uptake of new patients has increased. I can offer more to my existing patients. My website is very strong and is making very good impression without exception on the new/old and emergency patients. I have more tools and offers for my patients.

Mints client service is first class. You can count on Alex and Kate they become part of your team. Itís a joy working with them and I value their advice guidance not only in my marketing but even in other business related areas."

Testimonial by Ian Bellamy of Aquaesulis Dental

Main reasons for booking the audit day?

Having seen in the dental journals that a practice that you had worked with had won a national award for its marketing, I was very impressed. This corresponded with me thinking that, although I was running a very successful private practice, there must be better and more effective ways to get the information about the practice across to potential patients and referring dentists. In effect I was out of ideas and looking for fresh input.

So I put a call in and had a very good conversation with Alex regarding what he and Kate could do for me. What was great for me was there was a lot of common sense spoken without the usual spin and self congratulation that I have sometimes found in the past with marketing people. What was offered was an informal visit to the practice to get to know us and what we wanted. This allowed me to meet Alex and Kate and really to get an insight as to whether we clicked or not.

How could you describe and possibly quantify the value of the audit day, and budget recommendation?

The day was a great success. It was obvious that Alex and Kate had a wealth of experience and not just in dentistry. They complimented each other well and seemed to cover all aspects of design and marketing including the very technical aspects of web design and interior design. They seemed to get us right away and immediately could see what type of practice we were and perhaps the limits of where we wanted to go. The plans and budgets produced were very comprehensive and easy to follow. I could see exactly what was planned and where the money would be spent. One thing I hate is where the fees are hidden and often open ended. With Alex and Kate they were very up front and able to adapt the budget to suit our wishes as they developed.

Ongoing work since the audit day

The results so far have been very impressive. The website and practice design have garnered much praise and positive feedback. My referrals from other dentists have greatly increased and what is great is that the time and expenditure for the evening event has been more than covered by the referral increases. What is also really impressive is the literature that has been produced for the practice. It is exactly what I wanted and more. It fits not only the practice and our clients but also me so that I am proud to use it whenever I can.

A really pleasing aspect of my relationship with Alex and Kate is the conference calls and other telephone contacts. It means that I am always aware of where we are in a process. The banter is great and none of us is afraid to express our opinions. What is very pleasing is that they can listen to what I say and translate it into something useable. They guide and coach in a gentle way, such that as the client, I always feel that my wishes are valued and not ignored. In addition, I feel that Alex and Kate are now good friends, which is a really good bonus in any professional relationship. It goes a long way to be able trust to trust one another completely.

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